Using MoCA with a WiFi Router

You may have good WiFi coverage near your main WiFi router, but poor WiFi in other areas such as far-away locations or locations on another floor. One solution is to locate a second WiFi router in the area with bad coverage, connecting back to your main router using MoCA. The MoCA signal runs over coax cable, so your coax network needs to run near your main router and the second router. That coax cable can simultaneously carry MoCA along with cable TV and Internet, or fiber optic TV and Internet. You should not use coax cable that’s associated with satellite TV.

One Possible MoCA Connection For A Second Router

Connection Diagram

You can use the MM1000 Quick Start instructions for connecting the main router to the second router or access point. MoCA connects the Ethernet LAN port of the Primary Router to an Ethernet WAN port of the Second Router or Access Point. Here we assume you’ve made that physical connection.

Your main router has a network name (SSID). We recommend that you use a different network name (SSID) for the second router or access point. If you start walking from your main router toward the MoCA-enabled second router with your smartphone, and you start with a WiFi link to the main router, at some point you will get either a weak signal or a dropped connection. At that point you should select the network name of the second router, and you should enjoy a better connection.

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